Sunday School:              9:00 AM
Morning Worship:        10:00 AM
Sunday Bible Study:      5:00 PM
Night Worship:               6:00 PM
Tiny Tots (Ages 1-5)
Beginners (Ages 6-8)
Juniors (Ages 9-11)
Young People (Ages 12-14)
Seniors (Ages 15-17)
Young Adults (Ages 18 & Up)
Ladies Sunday School Class
Sanctuary Bible Study Class (Open to all ages)
Classes meet at 9:30 AM & 5:00 PM on Sunday.
Please contact  @ 601-722-4259 for more information.
Ladies Bible Class 
Meets every Monday at 10:00 AM
Young Ladies Study Class 
Meets at 7:00 PM on the 1st Monday of the month
Young Men’s Study Class
Meets at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of the month
Please contact  @ 601-601-722-4259 for more information. 
Kids Choir
Practice at 4:40 PM on Sunday Afternoon.
Youth Choir
Practice times vary. Normally 4:00 PM on Sunday afternoon.
Adult Choir
Practice is immediately following Wednesday night services.
Please contact @ 601-722-4259 for more information.  
Radio Programs
98.1 FM @9:00 AM Sunday Morning
96.5 FM @ 8:00 PM Sunday Night